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Confessions of a Domestic Goddess

house wife confessions

I refuse to call myself a plain and boring housewife; so you might as well just call me a domestic goddess. Being married and moving to a new home was challenging for me. I had to adjust to a new environment and a totally different setup.

Back when I was in California, I worked as a Physical Therapist. When I moved to Florida, I learned about the policies regarding the practice of Physical Therapy here; and that I needed to take a different state licensure examination to qualify for the job.

Battle of Wits and Decisions

While getting used to here in Fort Lauderdale and getting acquainted with my new lifestyle, I decided to work from home as a part-time virtual assistant for a medical transcription company. However, it wasn’t enough to keep me busy since I was only required to work for four hours per day or 20 hours per week.

With so much time in my hands, it became a battle of wits and decisions for me. My mind and body weren’t engineered for domestic housework and I wanted a career, but my options are so limited. So I started to explore other interests to make my life somewhat fun and interesting given the situation.

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to validate my actions and behavior as a seemingly bored and immature wife. I just wanted to provide you a full picture of my circumstances.

My Confessions as Domestic Goddess

I like to entertain myself 

Most of the time, my husband comes home late because he has to work for extended hours. Being home all alone can be quite boring and lonely. Sometimes, Netflix and books won’t do the tricks. So what does an impatient and naughty domestic goddess who doesn’t cook, sew and knit do? I feed my curiosity and blame my crazy friends for introducing the chatlines.

Yes, I’m confessing to you, right here and now, that I called the singles chatline website a couple of times because I was lonely. Honestly, I actually had fun talking to that guy stranger because he sounded so sincere and genuine. I would also like to confess that I liked the experience. It was fun and liberating. Thankfully, it ended without leaving a trace as soon as I hung up.

Cooking means scratching off the labels

At the end of the day, when my husband comes home from work, I serve him dinner which I bought from nearby stores. Of course, I pretended that I cooked by reheating everything and throwing away the evidence. The farthest I could go with my cooking is boiling some pasta and pouring store-bought bottled sauce over it.

I also buy ready-made/ready-to-eat salads and dressing which I wittily transfer to a nice serving dish to make it seem like I made some effort. Lighting some candles and pouring some wine can do the trick.

I blocked a person in my husband’s social media account

A wife’s got to do what she got to do …

Modern Home Renovation Projects

home renovation

Starting a new life in Fort Lauderdale has been a pleasure in a lot of ways. After completing several home restoration projects, living in our home has been nothing but pure bliss and comfort.

Seeking the services of professional specialists on water damage has to offer had been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Now, we’ve decided to initiate the second phase of our home renovation project. 

Painting Job

This project means that I can soon achieve that picture-perfect home I’ve been fantasizing about. The idea of fresh paint and new ambiance excite me; although it feels weird to have the male workers show up early in the morning to do the job, I needed to contract a house painting Miami service

In this case, waking up early would be a challenge on my part. On ordinary days, wherein I work from home, I basically roll out of bed and face my laptop. For the next few days, I would have to make some effort to look like an organized, well-dressed, and well-mannered housewife who cares a lot about her home. 

Outdoor lighting 

Part of our project is to have new lights installed on our outdoor patio. My husband suggested this so we can entertain guests and have dinner al fresco right where we can see the sky, the moon, and the stars. This project will also create a wonderful venue for my weekly girl bonding with my girlfriends.

My husband won’t have to worry anymore about picking me up drunk in someplace. I can have wine nights comfortably with my friends on our well-lit patio. And in the instance that I couldn’t handle my alcohol level, I can just conveniently make my way crawling towards our bedroom.

Garage renovation

We decided to have a major garage renovation – not just specifically for cars; but for my husband to have his “man cave” where he can spend his time doing stuff. Our garage is all planned for a dual-purpose which means; parking space for the cars and a workstation where my husband can play handyman.

This project is for him to have his own personal space in times when he’d rather walk through hell than deal with me. So having a nice and comfortable garage is a win-win situation for both of us. 

Installation of new fixtures

Installation of new faucets and a new shower head completes the second phase of our home renovation project. I look forward to seeing and touching those shiny new fixtures that would add some glam to our bathroom and kitchen. I specifically chose the types and designs which makes me even more excited about the outcome.

We even had to shed off more than a few bucks for the fixtures because we are aiming for quality. I particularly love the large high turbo-pressure shower head chrome bath that will soon be installed in our private bathroom.

Something wild and exciting may come out of it. And who knows, I might look forward …

All Women’s Fantasies

women talks

I personally love “girl talks” with my girlfriends. I consider our weekly session, which consists of coffee and cheesecakes or “wine and cheese night”, as a major highlight of my current existence. Spending time with them is essential to my sanity. It gives me the chance to let my hair down, dress up, show off my bags and wear some make-up.

“Girl talks” offer the perfect opportunity for us women to share what’s on our minds. Talking to fellow females is likewise comforting and entertaining.

It also gives us the chance to share our stories and gossips with one another, give each other some pieces of advice, discusses “girl matters” ranging from make-up to shoes and bags, and disclose our craziest and juiciest female fantasies. Let me share with you the hottest fantasies on our list;

  • Make heads turn

Women like to fantasize about the idea of walking in a party or event and making all heads turn – for all the good reasons. Getting all the attention could be for having a great body, for exuding sophistication, or for being the prettiest in the crowd such as being crowned as the “star of the night”. That’s what every girl’s fantasy is made of.

  • Become the reason for a couple’s fight

As women, we feel ecstatic and overwhelmed when men who are committed find us desirable. For instance, when walking past a couple and the man’s attention suddenly turns to us totally forgetting that he’s with his wife.

To further add insult to injury, we women find it oddly flattering to see a couple get into a heated argument because of us. It somehow gives us validation that we still have it and other men still find us attractive.

  • Impress other women

I have this belief that women dress up for other women because technically, guys don’t care. A guy would most likely become more interested in seeing a naked woman. So in reality, what a woman wears doesn’t create much impact on men. What does this imply? Women dress up to impress other women, and this makes it to our list of fantasies.

One study published by “The Atlantic” reveals that 61.8% of women, consisting of single, dating, and married, have a common belief that wearing luxury clothes and bags creates a signal to other women that their husbands or partners adored them.

Thus, their men are willing to spoil them and shower them with expensive stuff. Therefore, this study shows that; women are more geared towards impressing other women to validate themselves.

  • Make other men fantasize about them

Some women won’t admit it; but based on our no-holds-barred “girl talks”, 8 out of 10 women actually fantasize about being the subject of other men’s fantasy. I tried calling the chatlines before, and weird as it may seem, the thought of that guy fantasizing about me after we hung up gave me a positive boost of energy.

One of my friends also confessed that; whenever she thinks about …

Home Renovation Ideas in Fort Lauderdale

fort lauderdale city decor

When I moved to Fort Lauderdale, I envisioned a bright and sunny home that is welcoming and full of good vibes. I wanted a place that can make going home something to look forward to. And so I came up with some home renovation and restoration plans to jazz up my home and make it look like something I had fantasized about before I even moved in. 

The Planning Stage

Planning the renovation and restoration was perhaps the most crucial. My husband and I had to agree on a budget and identified the areas that require treatment. To protect the structural integrity of our new home, we had to consider factors such as the safety of the water system, the presence of molds, and moisture build-up in confined spaces.

We agreed on some changes such as the addition of a walk-in closet which is every woman’s dream, a nice bathroom, more storage spaces in the kitchen, and re-painting of both interior and exterior walls. 

We finalized our plans with the most professional team of specialists that work in Fort Lauderdale. Their extensive services made it possible for us to minimize the cost of the project since they can cover almost everything we have in mind.

They provided us a reasonable quotation and a clearly itemized job order. This made it easier for us to prioritize some areas that require immediate treatment; and also encouraged us to save for other future projects. 

The Actual Process of Renovation and Restoration

The project was implemented right away and as planned. The water damage specialists started checking the water system and identified areas where there’s water retention and mold infestation.

I am particularly concerned about these aspects because I wanted to make sure that we have a safe water source. Furthermore, I consider molds as our enemy because my husband has allergy issues and I wouldn’t want our first few weeks in our new home to become traumatic. 

The renovation project was quite stringent and my husband was completely hands-on, but the specialists managed to meet our expectations well. As things gradually fell into place, I started to envision having a blissful and comfortable life in our newly restored home. It was everything I’ve always wanted. 

Here’s a checklist of “dream projects” for your home which you might want to consider;

  • Repainted walls that create a suitable vibe.
  • Safe water system.
  • Clean, fresh and breathable air in all areas.
  • A minimalist bedroom with good lighting and relaxing atmosphere.
  • A pretty and well-lit walk in closet with full-length mirrors.
  • “His and Hers” bathroom sink and comfortable toilet.
  • A good and high-quality shower head with access to hot/cold water.
  • Lots of storage spaces and closed cabinets in the kitchen.
  • Large kitchen sink.
  • A mini wine cellar.
  • Breakfast nook.
  • Accent lights to highlight some areas in the dining and living rooms.
  • Good air-conditioning system.
  • Roomy storage room/area to keep other stuff.

Our decision to move to Fort Lauderdale has somehow given me a new sense of …

What Makes Women Happy

women desires

A woman’s mind is vicious and oftentimes, impenetrable. A lot of men would agree that it’s backbreaking to figure out exactly what their women want. Amidst the hormonal changes that cause extreme mood swings and a temperament that can put global warming to shame, it doesn’t take a genius to make a woman happy. If you really want to know what goes on inside your partner or wife’s pretty mind, brace yourself for a taste of the reality. Drum roll, please.

What Women Want

  • To eat without getting fat

Men tend to look at burgers, pizza, and fries as “food”; whereas women see these as an addition to their thighs. To spare yourself from getting blamed for those additional pounds, be wise with your suggestions when it comes to food choices.

Make the effort to search for healthy food options that can make her indulge without fear of having a muffin top. This also means staying fit and healthy together. You can always make exceptions on certain days; but to make her truly happy, try to show some support by being extra thoughtful.

  • I wish he’d let me buy that bag

Every woman’s fantasy is filled with everything nice and fancy. If you think that women tend to fantasize about hot and steamy sex, you’re a victim of some fake news. While sex is a part of any healthy relationship, a woman’s mind is filled with luxury bags, designer shoes, and stylish clothes. Those things matter more than sex.

This information may seem so shallow and materialistic, but it is a basic truth. Women want to look good all the time and men must live with that truth. So if you want to truly make your wife happy, let her purchase that Chanel; or better yet, give her a present that is screaming with the letters LV and let her savor the world’s attention. 

  • “Alexa, work out at the gym for me”

Having a body that’s all set to hit Victoria’s Secret runway is every woman’s fantasy. And we know for a fact that a lifetime’s worth of gym time is what it takes to achieve that. In reality for most women, the closest thing that equates to working out is running to the grocery store, cooking meals, and doing the dishes.

I can personally attest to that because I’ve spent so many moments watching swimsuit competitions in beauty pageants lying down on the couch and cursing myself as I stuff PBJ sandwich all over my face. I just wished that I can rely on someone to do some of the chores for me so I can go to the gym. To all husbands out there, catch my drift. 

  • A Pinterest-worthy home

Women dream about having a pretty home that can pass Pinterest standards – neat, clutter-free, and well-organized. Sadly, most men don’t have the capacity to maintain such standards; not to mention having kids who can turn everything upside down in a flash.

Channeling an inner Marie Kondo can …