To add to the list of things I don’t really need to eat again

Haggis.  Tried it today for the first time at a St. Patrick’s Day party (yes, I know it’s Scottish, don’t send me letters, people).  How to describe haggis…the thing looks like a large, sweaty beige football.  Out of its gaping, steaming slit, you scoop out the innards (which taste like livery oatmeal) and spread on sturdy wholemeal crackers.  I don’t think I’ll be trying it again, unless the cracker it comes on is attached to the fingers of Stuart Murdoch or Ewan McGregor or some other hot Scot. 

I came across this recipe, which you’re probably better off not reading if you ever plan on eating the haggis.  Should you care to know the haggis first hand for April’s NY Tartan Week, our USDA approved haggis came from Kearney’s in NJ. 

And how many drams down was Robert Burns, Bard of Scotland, when he wrote Address to a Haggis

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