You Are What You Eat, Anne Skoogh

anne-080530-2 (Medium).jpgName: Anne Skoogh

Occupation: Politics – and food blogger

Neighborhood: Nacka

Relationship status:  Married

What did you eat today?

Just breakfast so far – rye bread with Swedish liver paste and sliced cucumbers, a glass of vitamin-c, coffee, and a fruit salad with orange and raspberries.

What do you never eat?

Despite having a food blog and all, I’m surprisingly un-adventurous in food. I won’t call myself a picky eater, but… let’s just say there are many, many things that I have no urge to try.

Complete this sentence:  In my refrigerator, you can always find:

Pepsi Max. How embarrassing to admit – but it’s certainly true.

What is your favorite kitchen item?

I really do love my Kitchen-Aid!

Where do you eat out most frequently?

I don’t eat out all that much, but  I do meet friends for “fika” quite often. Vurma is one of my favorite cafés – great sandwiches, and nice coffee.  [I got a pretty great falafel sandwich on sesame bread from the one next to Hornstull Strand last weekend, but it took a full hour from the time I got on line to the time I got my cold sandwich. That is too long to wait when the sun is out. –Ed.] 

World ends tomorrow.  What would you like for your last meal?

My mom’s chicken in mild curry sauce.

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