The best hairdresser for Asian hair in NYC

I’m not the kind of lady who obsesses over her hair, but I have to give props to my hairdresser, Machiko at Kiyora Salon. You girls with straight Asian hair know what I’m talking about – in the wrong hands, your normally easy-to-manage ‘do can look like a jagged mess hacked by a nearsighted preschooler with safety scissors. Machiko really understands symmetry and drape, which is really what you’re talking about with hair like mine.

She takes her time making things even and swingy, and she lets me fall asleep in the chair. (I’m not the kind of person who seeks social interaction of any kind while I’m in the salon chair.)

Also, afterwards, you can do what I did today and go down 13th St. to Joe for a cuppa and a doughnut (or two). Ideal rainy day productivity.

(I like this picture because I was trying to capture Machiko’s handiwork but it looks like I’m staring down Doug’s feet. You’re either in Suthivarakom’s Korner or you’re with the toes!)

Kiyora Salon
15 E. 12th St. btwn University/5th Ave.


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