Radio silence

I’m moving back to L.A. I guess? I’m not sure. But first I’m going to New York and then Mexico City. My friend Judy, a native of D.F. and current Manhattan resident, says New York smells of money and Mexico City smells of blood. That sounds appealing to me right now. On Saturday I will […]

100 days

My brother died. It’s been 100 days since my brother died, suddenly and unexpectedly. Danny died. It’s been eleven months since our father died. I am living in the apartment they both died in. People ask me how I am, but they don’t want to know. That I’m angry, that I wish to torch other people’s happiness. It’s been […]

Urbanism in LA

I’ve grown out of my tiny 230 sq. ft. apartment and I need to either buy a place or rent a new one. Despite really being into L.A., I don’t quite have my living/working situation settled. There’s still some friction between the different kinds of lifestyles I want. One is urban, walkable, with a sense […]

Expressive writing

Did you read this? “Writing forces people to reconstrue whatever is troubling them and find new meaning in it,” he said. I like. And it reinforces that I should be putting my thoughts down here, trinkets in my own little cigar box to pick up, examine, and put down whenever I want to.

Low Self Esteem Chocolate Cake

I made the mistake of getting on the scale at my parents’ house the other day. So as it turns out, when you stop eating like a diabetic with congestive heart failure, you start gaining weight. I’ve gained back all the weight I lost while living with my parents to the tune of nearly 20 […]

The Big Night Timpano

Look what I made for New Year’s Eve! I was KVELLING. I am still kvelling. Stanley Tucci’s recipe works incredibly well. I had moments of doubt as I was drying Italian bread only to resoak it in water for the 200 tiny meatballs the size of quail eggs, or when the paperback novel-sized lump of constantly contracting […]

Little Light

I must get back to blogging more. An audit of my blog will probably show that I say this every year at this time. But I mean it every time. Whenever I use Twitter and Facebook, the analgesics of likes and RTs from my social network temporarily numb the little cuts that bleed my story. […]

If ye love me

I’m getting on, I swear. I’m exercising more regularly (when in Rome), which helps, but I’m also getting out there and doing shit instead of moping. This is me in the desert garden in front of a bunch of wooly cacti at the Huntington Gardens, taken a few weeks ago. More recently, I went to the […]