What Makes Women Happy

women desires

A woman’s mind is vicious and oftentimes, impenetrable. A lot of men would agree that it’s backbreaking to figure out exactly what their women want. Amidst the hormonal changes that cause extreme mood swings and a temperament that can put global warming to shame, it doesn’t take a genius to make a woman happy. If you really want to know what goes on inside your partner or wife’s pretty mind, brace yourself for a taste of the reality. Drum roll, please.

What Women Want

  • To eat without getting fat

Men tend to look at burgers, pizza, and fries as “food”; whereas women see these as an addition to their thighs. To spare yourself from getting blamed for those additional pounds, be wise with your suggestions when it comes to food choices.

Make the effort to search for healthy food options that can make her indulge without fear of having a muffin top. This also means staying fit and healthy together. You can always make exceptions on certain days; but to make her truly happy, try to show some support by being extra thoughtful.

  • I wish he’d let me buy that bag

Every woman’s fantasy is filled with everything nice and fancy. If you think that women tend to fantasize about hot and steamy sex, you’re a victim of some fake news. While sex is a part of any healthy relationship, a woman’s mind is filled with luxury bags, designer shoes, and stylish clothes. Those things matter more than sex.

This information may seem so shallow and materialistic, but it is a basic truth. Women want to look good all the time and men must live with that truth. So if you want to truly make your wife happy, let her purchase that Chanel; or better yet, give her a present that is screaming with the letters LV and let her savor the world’s attention. 

  • “Alexa, work out at the gym for me”

Having a body that’s all set to hit Victoria’s Secret runway is every woman’s fantasy. And we know for a fact that a lifetime’s worth of gym time is what it takes to achieve that. In reality for most women, the closest thing that equates to working out is running to the grocery store, cooking meals, and doing the dishes.

I can personally attest to that because I’ve spent so many moments watching swimsuit competitions in beauty pageants lying down on the couch and cursing myself as I stuff PBJ sandwich all over my face. I just wished that I can rely on someone to do some of the chores for me so I can go to the gym. To all husbands out there, catch my drift. 

  • A Pinterest-worthy home

Women dream about having a pretty home that can pass Pinterest standards – neat, clutter-free, and well-organized. Sadly, most men don’t have the capacity to maintain such standards; not to mention having kids who can turn everything upside down in a flash.

Channeling an inner Marie Kondo can …