The Author

Allow me to officially welcome you to my blog site!

Hi! My name is Tammy and I’m writing this blog from a personal perspective. I was born and raised in Daly City, CA where I met my husband, Roland. It was in July 2017 that we decided to move to Fort Lauderdale, FL. At that time, we’ve been married for only a month. The reason why we relocated was because of his new job assignment. The decision had been very challenging on my part as a new wife; and adjusting to a new city where I had to rebuild my life was the hardest. 

Fort Lauderdale turned out to be a happy and friendly place for me. As I gradually got accustomed to my new life, I also met a lot of new friends along the way. It took me a long while to appreciate my new environment and to learn my responsibilities as a wife. I learned the hard way but I managed to infuse some humor in it. After all, experience is still the best teacher based on some ancient wisdom.

My personal experiences are the inspiration behind this blog. I want to share my crazy and funny thoughts about being a wife with other women who might be going through some rough and lonely time in their lives. I also want to share with you some of my realizations as a “domestic goddess” like coming into terms with my fantasies as a woman and learning how to break free from the stereotypes. All of these served as my inclination to get started on this venture. My objective is to become real, honest and relatable to most women.

Living in this new city also made me discover that there is a different side of me that existed – that I can be genuinely happy as I embrace the unplanned changes in my life and that there’s so much to learn from other people, especially women. I hope that I would be able to impart something relevant and helpful to all my readers. 

Cheers to all the women out there! And, cheers to our happiness and to the fulfillment of all our fantasies!