Home Renovation Ideas in Fort Lauderdale

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When I moved to Fort Lauderdale, I envisioned a bright and sunny home that is welcoming and full of good vibes. I wanted a place that can make going home something to look forward to. And so I came up with some home renovation and restoration plans to jazz up my home and make it look like something I had fantasized about before I even moved in. 

The Planning Stage

Planning the renovation and restoration was perhaps the most crucial. My husband and I had to agree on a budget and identified the areas that require treatment. To protect the structural integrity of our new home, we had to consider factors such as the safety of the water system, the presence of molds, and moisture build-up in confined spaces.

We agreed on some changes such as the addition of a walk-in closet which is every woman’s dream, a nice bathroom, more storage spaces in the kitchen, and re-painting of both interior and exterior walls. 

We finalized our plans with the most professional team of specialists that work in Fort Lauderdale. Their extensive services made it possible for us to minimize the cost of the project since they can cover almost everything we have in mind.

They provided us a reasonable quotation and a clearly itemized job order. This made it easier for us to prioritize some areas that require immediate treatment; and also encouraged us to save for other future projects. 

The Actual Process of Renovation and Restoration

The project was implemented right away and as planned. The water damage specialists started checking the water system and identified areas where there’s water retention and mold infestation.

I am particularly concerned about these aspects because I wanted to make sure that we have a safe water source. Furthermore, I consider molds as our enemy because my husband has allergy issues and I wouldn’t want our first few weeks in our new home to become traumatic. 

The renovation project was quite stringent and my husband was completely hands-on, but the specialists managed to meet our expectations well. As things gradually fell into place, I started to envision having a blissful and comfortable life in our newly restored home. It was everything I’ve always wanted. 

Here’s a checklist of “dream projects” for your home which you might want to consider;

  • Repainted walls that create a suitable vibe.
  • Safe water system.
  • Clean, fresh and breathable air in all areas.
  • A minimalist bedroom with good lighting and relaxing atmosphere.
  • A pretty and well-lit walk in closet with full-length mirrors.
  • “His and Hers” bathroom sink and comfortable toilet.
  • A good and high-quality shower head with access to hot/cold water.
  • Lots of storage spaces and closed cabinets in the kitchen.
  • Large kitchen sink.
  • A mini wine cellar.
  • Breakfast nook.
  • Accent lights to highlight some areas in the dining and living rooms.
  • Good air-conditioning system.
  • Roomy storage room/area to keep other stuff.

Our decision to move to Fort Lauderdale has somehow given me a new sense of purpose and excitement. Aside from having a pleasant and nice community, the cost of living is far less compared to when we were in California.

The tax advantages, weather, convenience, and affordable access to restoration companies made it easier for me to adjust to this new place I now call my home.