All Women’s Fantasies

women talks

I personally love “girl talks” with my girlfriends. I consider our weekly session, which consists of coffee and cheesecakes or “wine and cheese night”, as a major highlight of my current existence. Spending time with them is essential to my sanity. It gives me the chance to let my hair down, dress up, show off my bags and wear some make-up.

“Girl talks” offer the perfect opportunity for us women to share what’s on our minds. Talking to fellow females is likewise comforting and entertaining.

It also gives us the chance to share our stories and gossips with one another, give each other some pieces of advice, discusses “girl matters” ranging from make-up to shoes and bags, and disclose our craziest and juiciest female fantasies. Let me share with you the hottest fantasies on our list;

  • Make heads turn

Women like to fantasize about the idea of walking in a party or event and making all heads turn – for all the good reasons. Getting all the attention could be for having a great body, for exuding sophistication, or for being the prettiest in the crowd such as being crowned as the “star of the night”. That’s what every girl’s fantasy is made of.

  • Become the reason for a couple’s fight

As women, we feel ecstatic and overwhelmed when men who are committed find us desirable. For instance, when walking past a couple and the man’s attention suddenly turns to us totally forgetting that he’s with his wife.

To further add insult to injury, we women find it oddly flattering to see a couple get into a heated argument because of us. It somehow gives us validation that we still have it and other men still find us attractive.

  • Impress other women

I have this belief that women dress up for other women because technically, guys don’t care. A guy would most likely become more interested in seeing a naked woman. So in reality, what a woman wears doesn’t create much impact on men. What does this imply? Women dress up to impress other women, and this makes it to our list of fantasies.

One study published by “The Atlantic” reveals that 61.8% of women, consisting of single, dating, and married, have a common belief that wearing luxury clothes and bags creates a signal to other women that their husbands or partners adored them.

Thus, their men are willing to spoil them and shower them with expensive stuff. Therefore, this study shows that; women are more geared towards impressing other women to validate themselves.

  • Make other men fantasize about them

Some women won’t admit it; but based on our no-holds-barred “girl talks”, 8 out of 10 women actually fantasize about being the subject of other men’s fantasy. I tried calling the chatlines before, and weird as it may seem, the thought of that guy fantasizing about me after we hung up gave me a positive boost of energy.

One of my friends also confessed that; whenever she thinks about the idea that her hot neighbor might be fantasizing about her, she feels sexier and happier. This gives her the motivation to jog past his house every morning.