Is L.A. growing on me or am I adapting to it? I can’t tell.

I hadn’t experienced an earthquake in years, maybe over a decade, until this week. A small or faraway one feels a little bit like you’re getting vertigo. The ground may roll a little bit, like you’re in a car going over a lot of potholes.

My body said, “Remember?”

And my brain said, “No furniture. Nothing to get under. Go outside? Doesn’t feel like the big one. You sure it’s an earthquake? Your window blinds are swinging, so probably an earthquake. Maybe you should at least cover your head? Eh, seems to be over now. Check Twitter. ”

My parents are actually pretty close to the epicenter. I went to their house yesterday and cleaned out a broken mirror that had fallen off the dresser. I’m reminded of all that I need to take into consideration as I place furniture in my tiny apartment. (And next time, brain, remind me to at least get away from the window.)

Last week I made fresh almond milk. Soaked a cup of almonds and a couple of dates overnight, buzzed it together with a hand blender, strained, done! I liked it so much that I bought something kinkily called a “nut milk bag” so I can make it again without having to mess with a strainer and cheesecloth.

I also had a sweet little mystery. I had stabbed an avocado pit with two forks and plopped it in a glass of water to try and get it to sprout. After a few days, I walked out the door to find that the pit was gone. Gone! Some creature had absconded with my avocado pit! There my forks were, bereft of their ward. To whom is such a thing delicious?

I asked my neighbor what bandito might prize such a treasure. “Skunks love bulbs,” she said. “There’s a little animal path behind our house. Lots of wildlife. The baby skunks are the cutest.” Of course! The faint sillage, the burrow holes in my potted plants — I’m charmed! Though maybe I will be less so if they start digging through my compost.

My Worm Factory arrived today, and I’m eager for the IKEA delivery to come already so I can get to the Pasadena Farmers Market and try to get a pound of worms before they close up shop at 1pm.

Fuck yeah outdoor living! I’m so excited to get a couple of heirloom tomato plants, a potted Meyer lemon tree and a fig tree to add to my little plant family.

If you need some affirmation, listen to the episode of Bullseye with RuPaul, which I listened to while driving yesterday. YES, the hero with a thousand faces, that’s YOU, that’s YOU. WERK!

Who am I? I don’t know even know myself anymore.

2 thoughts on “Sunny

  1. The dude and I were talking about tomato plants today, even though there’s still an eff-ton of snow on the ground. Maybe plant talk will make it melt faster? Speaking of, Meyer lemon and fig trees sound lovely. That’s going to be a kick-ass plant family. 🙂

  2. Pasadena has so many farmer’s market. I am imagining you are talking about the Saturday market? Though it would be great to see you at the Sunday one on Holly St between Raymond and Fair Oaks in Old town Pasadena.

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